• With “Ultra Fine Mist Mirable”,
    you can approach your skin perfectly with two ways, straight and mist.

    Facial Cleaning Effect

    “Mirable “ mist flow is perfect cleaning.
    Ultrafine bubbles are smaller than wavelength
    of light, that penetrates deep inside your skin
    better than any chemical or electric power used
    in high-end and expensive products.

    Mist Flow

    Head Spa Effect

    ”Mirable” Straight flow can be used for body
    cleaning, and even for head spa and scalp care.
    As you put the lever at the middle of “Mist” and
    “Straight” switch,
    you can enjoy both flow mixed.

    Straight Flow
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What is Ultra Fine Bubble??

A bubble which is under 1㎛ is called
“Ultra Fine Bubble”.

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Fine bubbles cleaning technology used for MIRABLE shower head and MBT Bath, contribute Goal 6 of SDGs.
“Everyone can use safe water. Secure management of sustainable water and sanitation.”
Ultra Fine Mist “MIRABLE”
more details
  • Water saving shower head!

    Ultra fine mist “Mirable” has not only excellent cleaning power, but it also has water saving effects.

    Amount of water flow used as per family of 4 / month
    Mist flow : 60 % Saving !

    Water saving shower head!Water saving shower head!
  • Skin moisturizer shower head!

    By using ultra fine mist “Mirable”, the amount of skin moisture is maintained 8 % higher, compared with the conventional products.
    Hot water from Mirable penetrates deep into the skin easily and keeps the skin and hair moisturized for along time, even after the shower.

    Water saving shower head!Water saving shower head!
  • Hot bath shower head !

    It also has an ability to penetrate the skin and warm up the body.
    The graph on right side shows the difference of normal shower and Mirable “Straight”.

    Hot bath shower head !Hot bath shower head !

    Even it is shower bath, the water contains UFB that will make you stay arm from the inside of your body
    6 times warmer compared to the normal shower.

    • Shiho Yokosuka
    • Shiho Yokosuka

      It is unbelievable! Her skin dryness is gone!

    It is unbelievable! Her skin dryness is gone!

    Since the last winter I’ve been using Mirable for my daughter.
    Before that, She has been applying body cream that her dermatologist prescribed to her, because she was suffering from dryness.
    But that didn’t help her. Since she started using Mirable, no prescription cream is needed. Her skin is smooth and soft.
    Also, she used to have smelly feet after a whole activity day. I notice that after several weeks of showering with Mirable the odor is gone.
    Now I am very happy and can’t live without Mirable.
    • Marin's hair becomes fluffy.
    • Marin’s hair becomes fluffy.

      There is no smell and it feels very clean.

    There is no smell and it feels very clean.

    I don’t want to put on so much shampoo for my dog’s skin, so I wash it clean with half the amount so far.
    Thanks to Mirable, the clogged dirt that has been  cleaned and less hair loss , and the smell unique to pets decreased.
    ☆ You can help skin dullness.
    When I experimented with one of my hand, the one it used  became brightly tone than the other.
    Obvisouly the hand  blood vessels was lost.
     (The wrinkles on my hand have gone) I can see so much difference that I’m using Mirable on my both hands now.
    • Hidekazu Hoshimoto (Restaurant management)
    • Hidekazu Hoshimoto
      (Restaurant management)

      Highy recommend  for those whose work in restaurant and florist shop
      with dry and rough hands due to too much explore under water 

    Highy recommend  for those whose work in restaurant and florist shop
    with dry and rough hands due to too much explore under water 

    I have been working in a restaurant for about 20 years since the training period, and water work is a natural routine.
    My hands were rough with my original dry skin and my daily water work.
    At first I was looking for something that can help and I heard about micro bubble tornado and got one Mirable from my friend.
    When I actually used it, the dryness got settled first.
    After a while, the rough part of my hands have become slightly better, so I think  the micro bubble tornado Mirable is positively help and was a right choice to purchase.
    It is highly recommend for those whose work for restaurant and  florist shop who have dry and rough hands due to too much explore under work.
Product SpecificationsProduct Specifications
    • Main part dimension
    • 160 mm x 70 mm x 55φ
    • Thread dimension
    • G 1/2mm
    • Water supply pressure
    • 0.1~0.3MPa
    • Material
    • Body: Polycarbonate
      Screw & Spring: Stainless
      Packing: EPDM
    • Discharged amount
    • ●Straight shower: 8.5L/min
      Microbubbles (Diameter:30μm) 6,000 bubbles
      Ultra fine bubbles (Diameter:150nm) 700K bubbles

      ●Mist shower: 3.5L/min
      Microbubbles (Diameter:10μm) 2,400 bubbles
      Ultra fine bubbles (Diameter:130nm) 14 million bubbles

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